Monday, 9 December 2013

Witch Hazel Magic Wand #9

JAL  No~Tricks Magic Wand... Just Patterns

It's one of the longest wands we've done and it does look extra wonky when just propped up for a photo but when it's in the hand it's straight to the point - give or take. Contorted hazel wouldn't be contorted hazel if it were straight!

For JAL, we just wanted to make his wand decorative, add initials and dates and not get into symbols and annotations. Why afterall define a person by some parts of their life and not others. Sometimes we feel this is good and others not...

And in this case it just didn't seem right to try to add things for the sake of it. The key is that it's for his 50th, so we have the dates ~ from 1961 to 2011.

JAL has his own towels when visiting WHW land, so when we pictured his wand it had to be on the towels, rather than our standard purple backdrop. It adds the effect of white on purple to pick up the white on wood in the wand. More magic.

One of the favourite parts on this wand is the stripe which crosses the air to be picked up on the next curl of the wand. I'm afraid it's a poor effort on my part to capture this well in the pictures here.

The wand is a thing of beauty and the images just don't capture it's shape, pattern or "magic". The other small extra feature that this wand has is the little mini~points along the shaft. Each small branch has been made into a mini~tip in white. It's perhaps one of the symbols secretly included to capture JAL's many directions and side~journeys!

Nothing like a magic wand in real life.

Mini Hand-Sized Magic Wand: Wand #8

Witch Hazel Wand in Miniature

It's only a little thing as you can see from the scale of the hand. No, I'm not a giant..!

The small scale magic wand ~ complete with safety string/wrist band ~ measures about 4" and only really has the area for the simplest of messages, in this case just initials.

A useful wand to keep in your pocket (or for ladies a handbag). Small but perfectly formed.

Witch Hazel Wand on Order

Having just said that we hadn't had one order ever... one came through and we are in correspondence about the special custom features and symbols to include.

Meanwhile two new wands for friends. John on his 50th got one... except that he got it on his 52nd birthday.

And I don't think we put up the 50th walking stick.

And the latest is sitting half done awaiting the kitchen ceiling to be finished. So much for promptness. But the magic is in the wands nevertheless... just waiting...

Monday, 9 September 2013

Magic Witch Hazel Walking Stick #1

The JJRMS Walking Stick in Contorted Witch Hazel

Our first walking stick with a specially chosen piece of hazel... chosen by the recipient.

Symbols including initials, date, fish and fishing line (making most of the decorations), progeny by initial and cycle wheel...

Monday, 10 June 2013

Witch Hazel Wands Update

Wand Enquiries... Not

Do you know that we've not had one enquiry from this website in goodness knows how many years. Is it that our wands are not attractive, not priced correctly (maybe they should be more, given the time they take). Or is it the payment mechanism. When I started this many years ago I didn't have the wherewithall to install Paypal which I could now easily. Any views? Surely our wands themselves are lovely to behold...!

Witch Hazel tree Moved...

Our witch hazel tree with all it's beautiful contorted branches has been moved in the last year, to a quieter spot in the woods - and not in the middle of a flower bed which it was starting to take over.
It's very happy in it's new spot. We cut a good stock of wand-wood off just before the move. Plenty of curly whirly raw material.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Potter Mania: Magic Wands To Follow?

Harry Potter Film Creates New Fascination In All Things Magic... Again!

Reading all about the new Harry Potter film and all the dressing up and mimicry, I presume that another new crowd of fans will take to the magic world with gusto. It makes me wonder (wand-er?) if the demand for new wands will follow this excitement.

Magic Wands as Special Gifts or "Thank You's"

At the moment I've got orders in for 4 witch hazel magic wands to be made for the bridesmaids at an up-coming wedding. I have to present them with an approprite story about the magic of the wedding and their role in this special event and how it came to pass...

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Witch Hazel Magic Wand #6

The DB7 STOUT & STURDY Magic Wand

Made for a Man's Man ~ STURDY like an ancient tree. And no nonsense. Well built - almost architecturally so! Here's a Magic Wand for him.

Custom Features # Sturdy design! # Glass of Ale # Initials